Bleisure Travel: What is it and how can you maximise opportunities

Bleisure is a trend in the travel world and more workers, employers, and travel businesses are beginning to take advantage of the perks of bleisure travel.

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Is FIT tourism for you?

Understand what FIT tourism is and why you should try this route.

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How Remote Work Visa is Transforming Work and Travel

Remote work visas will create a much more sustainable form of tourism and transform how the world works and travels.

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Hotel Airport Transfer: A New Revenue Model

Ground transportation provides travellers with an opportunity to control every step of their journey - from their device anytime, anywhere. It is also one way for hotels to create a new stream of revenue for themselves. But to successfully do it, you must adopt a solution that automates your services.

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Digital Nomad: Benefits and Downsides of Living the Dream

A digital nomad makes full use of the technology to work and earn income, whenever and wherever they are. If you are eager to give the digital nomad lifestyle a try, consider these advantages and disadvantages. Know what you have to prepare before seeking a location-independent life.

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Startup in Travel: Building a Startup and Rocking It

A startup may be a difficult prospect and may seem overwhelming, so here are five things to consider to help you begin or consider a startup in travel.

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