Building Back Tourism After‌ ‌COVID‌: Opportunity Awaits

To “build back better”, tourism needs a new vision that redefines success beyond traditional growth metrics. We should resolve to grow tourism again, but differently so that it can deliver on its promise to be a force for good.

building back better
rebuilding tourism
Rebuilding Tourism: Key Elements to Prioritise Sustainability

We must prioritise sustainability as we rebuild the tourism industry.

rebuilding tourism
sustainable tourism
tourism recovery
Vaccination as Key to Tourism Industry Recovery

The recovery of tourism in 2021 will depend on the speed of vaccination and the coordination between countries on travel procedures and economic situation.

tourism recovery
Responsible and Safe Travel during COVID-19

If you feel that you are committed to travelling responsibly and are willing to take all the precautions to keep yourself and others safe, there is no reason for you not to travel. However, things may be very different from what you've previously been used to, so know some tips as you plan your trip.

travel during covid
travel tips
Workplace Mental Health and the Role of Technology

The pandemic has provided a turning point in the conversation around mental health, and companies have to put mental health technology services and solutions on the agenda.

business technology
workplace mental health
Where to Travel: Countries Safe for Travel in 2021

After the year we’ve had, we deserve a holiday. With millions of cases confirmed worldwide, we need to navigate carefully over the next few months, but with travel restrictions lifting, we can plan to squeeze in a vacation. Here are 10 countries that are safest for tourists in 2021.

where to travel
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