One-Stop-Travel App: Introducing turpal

turpal is a new travel app that guarantees to make your trips memorable and hassle-free. Download turpal and expect a seamless journey anytime, anywhere!

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Increase Hotel Revenue through turpal’s Network

Hotel businesses live and die with the satisfaction of their guests whose needs continue to evolve over time. They need to go beyond service to deliver great hospitality. It starts with adopting a solution that increases both revenue and customer satisfaction.

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turpal’s Power to Add Value to the Travel Industry

turpal is a powerful smart destination solution that adds value to the travel and tourism industry. Read on to learn more about it and discover how turpal can best serve your business.

Integrated Airport Transfer to Solve Passengers' Problem

There are various travel technology companies that provide efficient solutions to integrate ground transfer functionality to your booking systems. One of them is turpal.

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Using turpal to Enhance DMCs and ITOs' Business Structure

Technology has important effects on the efficiency, relationships, culture, and income of a business. For DMCs and ITOs that consistently face the challenge of communication with passengers, high operation costs, and decreasing excursion sales, a smart solution will make your business thrive. Read on to find out about how turpal can be the solution you are searching for. 

Coronavirus: A Game-changer in the Tourism Industry

Coronavirus is a game-changer in the tourism industry, and the true winners of this game are those who have seen this pandemic as a call to optimize themselves and be geared up for the post corona market.

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