Benefits of Investing in a Smart Tour Agent

May 30, 2021 - 1:1 pm
Benefits of Investing in a Smart Tour Agent
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A smart tour agent is a technology that has full knowledge of tourist products, hence it is worth investing in.

International Tourism during and after the Pandemic

The closing of borders and countries restrictions on travel in response to the COVID-19 pandemic hit global tourism hard. According to the issue of the World Tourism Barometer from the United Nations specialized agency, there was a drop in international tourist arrivals by 65% during the first half of 2020.

UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili said:

“The latest World Tourism Barometer shows the deep impact this pandemic is having on tourism, a sector upon which millions of people depend for their livelihoods. However, safe and responsible international travel is now possible in many parts of the world, and it is imperative that governments work closely with the private sector to get global tourism moving again. Coordinated action is key.”

The UNWTO’s Panel of Experts foresees a rebound in international tourism in 2021, mostly in the third quarter of 2021, while around 20% of experts suggest the rebound could occur only in 2022.

Despite the impacts of COVID-19, a positive future is waiting for the tourism industry. Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash.

Despite the crisis the industry is facing, let us not forget that travel and tourism has proven itself to be resilient to periodic economic and political adversity. It is a huge industry where opportunities are endless, giving you a wide array of choices that is both interesting and challenging. Forecasts reveal a positive future for the industry despite the impacts of COVID-19.

Changes in Customer Behaviour

The world has witnessed drastic changes at the time of the pandemic, so does in customer behaviours.

First, customers are now more conscious because of the public health crisis. Also, customers are getting smart because they have access to all types of resources that keep them informed of the latest technologies.

Woman looking at a tablet in a salon. Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash.

Thus, to communicate with this type of conscious and smart customers, investing in technology is a must, to be on the same page with them.

Technology is important when it comes to communicating with customers, potential clients, other businesses, and the entire world. It has changed the way how we do business, interact with clients, manage teams, and how we deal with data. Historically, it is proven crucial to the growth of a business to invest in new technology.

A Smart Tour Agent

In the travel ecosystem, travellers usually interact with a tour agent who has full knowledge of tourist products—destinations, modes of travel, climate, accommodation, and other areas of the service sector. They act on behalf of the product and service providers, like arranging tickets, hotel rooms, etc. for people going on holiday or making a journey. In return, they get a commission.

Now, what if technology can fulfil this role? A “smart tour agent” that has the following features:

1. Competitive edge

Companies have been using technology as a competitive weapon for centuries. The earlier you start using new technologies and apps in business, the better it is.

Indeed, a smart tour agent that manages all tours and activities in the passenger’s itinerary, offers excursions, and has an Artificial Intelligence backend feature that can generate data about the passengers’ choices brings a competitive edge.

2. Better interaction with customers

According to Catherine Wood, the chief executive officer of ARK Investment Management:

“Mobile is where everything is going. We’re going to carry our content with us when we want it and anytime we want it.”

Mobile is where everything is going. Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash.

Customers have smartphones where they communicate in real-time. They are in love with cutting-edge technology. Therefore, interacting with a smart tour agent leads to better service and increased customer satisfaction.

3. Speed, automation, and productivity

A smart tour agent improves speed by performing all types of complex tasks in a few minutes that a human used to do in a couple of days. Automation is possible by reducing manual and labour-intensive work. Tasks and processes are simplified. Productivity is improved, making the business more efficient.

turpal as a Tour Agent: A Real-life Example

When a complaint arises, passengers would usually contact the travel agency. But oftentimes, the agency doesn’t know the real situation, thus will have to contact the DMC to solve the issue. Aside from the fact that this creates a negative impact on the client, it also takes the opportunity to give better service.

Through turpal, a smart technology solution, the operations team can assist the customers from their check-in and throughout their entire trip. If there is a complaint, the person in charge can address the issue on the spot, minimise procedures that customers have to go through, and create a log for the agency’s information. Customers are served 24/7 and they have access to all activities and options for the trip. Also, communications are in the customers’ preferred language and through the Agency brand to avoid customer confusion.

Investing in a Smart Tour Agent

Prioritise investing in the right technology. Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash.

Technology has the potential to turn the tables. Investment at the right time in the right technology should be your priority. This is one investment that you’ll never regret.

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