Using turpal to Enhance DMCs and ITOs' Business Structure

July 19, 2020 - 9:51 am
Using turpal to Enhance DMCs and ITOs' Business Structure
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turpal is a smart solution that will make your business thrive.

Efficient management and innovative solutions are important in business, especially in this ever-changing and highly competitive world. This speaks true for the travel and tourism industry on which collaboration is at its heart, specifically, for Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs) that service hundreds to thousands of clients on a daily basis.

Reality and Challenges

It is always a challenge for DMCs and ITOs to maintain smooth communication with passengers and handle the high operation cost amid the decrease of excursion sales. For instance, look at this situation:

Let’s say that you are doing good business and there has been an increase in the number of your passengers. Such a scenario also means an increase in fleet costs, as more assets are needed to shoulder the number. This is especially true during high seasons, and usually, this is not optimal.

Further, manpower has to be increased as well, to serve more passengers with their customised needs and itinerary. The operation will require lots of planning to ensure efficient service, and with a bulk of data to work on, planning errors are inevitable - unfortunately.

Failure to meet the clients’ needs plus a stronger competition (e.g. a wide variety of choices online) might lead to a significant decrease in the sales of excursion and extra services.

Does this sound familiar?

The Solution

Most DMCs and ITOs have an internal operation solution that handles their reservations, sales of activities, and records of their fleets. However, it is observed through the years that the result of growth for many DMCs and ITOs is not consistent with their expectations: growth leads to higher operation cost, which domino effects to crisis situations, but revenue remains the same.

Knowing the challenge, it is wise to develop a solution that will address it. The ideal business process is having a three-way communication platform between Reservation, Destination Operators, and Passengers. A smart solution optimising the logistic services and directly connects to the passengers to offer customised services and itinerary based on their needs is the key.

Great news! This is not just wishful thinking, but such a solution is already existing!

turpal: Using Technology to Provide Added Value to the Travel Industry

turpal is a smart destination service solution that brings extra value to all giving in-destination services to passengers by going beyond the boundaries of travel technology. DMCs and ITOs can make a profit through turpal’s features and capability of dropping costs by automating its operations.

Data Flow

turpal is an AI-based engine that is set between the DMC/ITO’s existing solutions and their passengers. This system has two parts: (1) the administrative side called the DS system, which is for the operations team; and (2) the passenger side on which you can communicate through the turpal or other messaging apps such as Telegram or WhatsApp.


Once set in your existing system, turpal will read the data, providing the operations team with the utmost flexibility in planning. A customised panel for each team member from the airport rep, drivers, leader tours, and others will be available. This allows you to easily manage arrivals and departures of fleets, automatically assign drivers and leader tours, and quickly generate schedules of the departure pick-up time.

Real-time Communications

Having so increases communication with and among parties as they will all have real-time plans shown through the following:

  • Passengers receive schedule notifications.
  • Your team knows their assigned passenger list and agenda and can sell activities and tours.
  • Drivers will receive dynamic schedules on their tablets and can communicate through the DS, like notifying when they have already received the passenger, couldn't find the passenger, and can even upload a picture as proof, among many others.
  • Even the airport reps have their own dynamic list on their tablets.
  • A welcome signboard that automatically removes the names of the passengers that have already been received is available.

turpal App

As soon as data is set on the DS system, the passengers are connected to the turpal app. It serves as the communication platform between you and them. Not only that, the turpal app:

  • manages all tours and activities in the passenger’s itinerary
  • offers your excursions
  • has an Augmented Reality so passengers, upon their arrival, can easily locate the airport reps, which in turn are ready to welcome them with their names written on a tablet
  • has an Artificial Intelligence backend feature that can generate data about the passengers’ choices

turpal as a Communication Centre: A Real-life Example

Customers prefer convenience. Through turpal, the operations team can assist customers from their check-in and throughout their entire trip. When a complaint arises, usually, passengers would contact the travel agency; but oftentimes, the agency doesn’t know the real situation and will contact the DMC to solve the issue. Aside from the fact that this creates a negative impact on the client, it also takes the opportunity to give better service.

Now, since turpal serves as the communication centre for all parties, the person-in-charge can address the issue on the spot, minimise procedures that customers have to go through, and he/she can create a log for the agency’s information. You are able to assist customers 24/7 and they have access to all activities and options for the trip. Thanks to the AI-based Robot application.

Also, communications are in the customers’ preferred language and through the Agency brand to avoid customer confusion.

turpal’s Guarantee

Technology has important effects on business operations. No matter the size of your enterprise, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand. Technological infrastructure affects the efficiency, relationships, culture, and income of a business.

With all the benefits and features discussed in this article, turpal guarantees the following for your business:

  • 50% reduction in Operational Costs
  • 100% increase in Excursion Sales
  • 100% increase in customer satisfaction

A business that has the technological capacity to implement new opportunities will stay a step ahead of its competition. Take advantage of this and see the results for yourself.

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