turpal’s Power to Add Value to the Travel Industry

September 23, 2020 - 2:26 pm
turpal’s Power to Add Value to the Travel Industry
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turpal is a powerful smart destination solution that adds value to the travel and tourism industry. Discover how it can best serve your business.

The Complexity of Travel

Travel is no simple activity; it is otherwise.

It involves a collaboration of various sectors to achieve one common goal: to best serve the passengers. To do that,  a network of people efficiently working together has to be established.

If only there is a way to connect to everyone involved, or is there?

A place where the:

  • In-destination Service Providers
  • Land Operation Team 
  • Travellers

can communicate with each other in real-time, help the team function more efficiently and maximise profit, and assist the passengers for a more enjoyable travel experience. 

Introducing turpal: The Technology that Provides Added Value to the Travel Industry

turpal is a smart destination solution that can act as the thread that seamlessly connects all parties involved in travel. Upgrading the communication among all parties can ensure higher customer satisfaction and create a new stream of income for OTA.

turpal for In-destination Service Providers

turpal reduces the operation cost and increases the revenue of In-destination Service Providers such as Destination Management Companies (DMC), Inbound Tour Operators (ITO), Online Travel Agents (OTA), Meeting Professionals, and Accommodation Services.

It does that by: 

  • streaming the operation;
  • optimising their fleets and transportation;
  • easing the communication with passengers and the operation team;
  • facilitating sales of activities and excursion;
  • making their services accessible through online distribution channels; and
  • receiving revenue for every additional excursion or activity sold.

turpal for the Land Operation Team

As a solution, turpal optimises logistic services. Through turpal, direct communication is possible, from meet & greet at the airport, transfer to the hotel, up to live assistance during the journey. 

turpal for the Passengers

turpal increases the traveller’s satisfaction at the destination because of its app that does the following: 

  • serves as a place for the passengers to check all their travel details;
  • gives schedule notifications and real-time updates; and
  • suggests activities that passengers might love to experience, based on their personalities and preferences.

Understanding turpal and How it Works

turpal acts as an aggregator of reservation, all service providers at the destination, and the passengers. It is an AI-based engine which has the following angles:

  1. an add-on algorithm to DMC/ ITOs operation structure that enables them to carry out a smooth ground handling, reduce the land operation cost, and help them provide low-cost transfer service but with higher quality; and
  2. passengers receive more personalised assistance, even on sharing services.


In addition, turpal does the following:

First, it fetches all operation required data, such as passengers booking detail, itineraries, flight information, and fleet availability.

Second, it transfers the data to a flexible panel that is customised for each team member from the airport man, driver, leader tour, to all others.

Third, it has an algorithm that creates Dynamic Passenger Manifest which ensures smooth operation.

turpal App

The turpal app is the passengers “pal” on their trip. It shows their dynamic itinerary, gives notification for any pick up drop off, functions as their virtual guide, and recommends activity based on an algorithm that tries to be as close as possible to their needs.

What else a passenger could ask for?

Marketplace for In-destination Service Providers

Because of its valuable features and network of service providers which would be available through the online distribution channels, turpal ultimately becomes an In-destination Services Market Place.

It is rewarding to be connected to turpal because you will have access to the marketplaces of DMC services through API or plug-in. This means that OTA and short term rentals will have:

  • a representative at the destination;
  • airport transfer services like sharing services;
  • passenger assistant at the destination; and
  • real-time access to the log of all service status for their passenger.

Tour and Activities Channel Manager 

Activities suppliers and tour operators can distribute their products and services through a chain of service provider’s apps. As soon as bookings arrive, the inventory will be updated across all channels in real-time.

Keeping up with the Latest Innovations

A Forbes article discusses that all companies should invest in tech because it is worth the (low) overhead, creates better interactions with customers, and improves business. Looking out for innovation is important to stay in the game, keep up with the competition, and of course build a profitable business. This is true for the dynamic travel and tourism industry with evolving needs based on time and customers.

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