Increase Hotel Revenue through turpal’s Network

October 24, 2020 - 9:57 am
Increase Hotel Revenue through turpal’s Network
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increase hotel revenue and access other services through turpal

The travel and tourism industry (TTH) is dominated by customer service. Hotel businesses live and die with the satisfaction of their guests. Meaning, customer demands continue to change over time. Also, the complexity of delivering an experience they’ll be happy with. Add to this is the issue of balancing business needs with the increasing and dynamic nature of travel technology and the savvy attitudes of travellers.

Hence, optimising the guest experience and ensuring guest expectations are met is a constantly evolving challenge. A solution that offers ground handling service in an accessible and user-friendly structure in favour of hotels is of utmost importance.

turpal and its Perks

Overall, turpal is a smart destination solution that allows you to:

(1) connect guests, the hotel, transfer suppliers, and the operation team; thus avoiding confusions and delays and resulting in higher guest satisfaction

(2) increase revenue through the sales of extra services that go with an app 

On top of the previously mentioned, its add-on benefits are: 

  • The best rates from the leading transfer suppliers in the town 
  • Having a greeting team at the airport that presents the guest’s name board with the hotel logo   
  • The features in the application and the expert team will take responsibility of finding guest at the airport and communicate for schedule, eliminating hassle on your end
  • Providing guests with an overview of the hotel services such as restaurant timing and facilities available at the hotel [hotel app may also be downloaded, if available]
  • The turpal application communicates using the guest’s own language 
  • Automated inquiry registration by integrating PMS to the operation system
  • Live guest status update at the time of arrival

In addition, there is an optional service to increase revenue by offering the finest activity and sightseeing tour in the city. By activating this service for each guest, they can have access to a variety of activities provided by quality guaranteed suppliers. The hotel will receive its share of revenue income.

How It Works

The following steps give an overview of how the solution works 

  1. Add transfer request
  2. Transfer supplier receives request automatically
  3. Driver and airport rep will be notified 
  4. Guest receives turpal guidance link
  5. Guest will know who the driver and representative at the airport are and how to find them
  6. The team will meet and transfer them happily to the hotel and take care of their departure transfer if you have placed the order

Increase Hotel Revenue by Delivering Great Hospitality

Hotels need to be led by traveller behaviour. With a veritable banquet of options at their fingertips, travellers are demanding more than ever before. It makes life harder for hotels, but it also gives them a greater opportunity to deliver an experience that guests will never forget. Thus, hotels need to go beyond service to deliver great hospitality. It starts with adopting a solution that increases both hotel revenue and customer satisfaction.

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