Integrated Airport Transfer to Solve Passengers' Problem

September 04, 2020 - 2:16 pm
Integrated Airport Transfer to Solve Passengers' Problem
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Integrated Airport Transfer

The peace of mind of having the transportation from the airport to the destination is precious. That is why an airport transfer is an important part of today’s travel experience. An integrated airport transfer catered by third parties enables you to solve the first/last problem for your customers.

One of those providers is turpal.

turpal: Using Technology to Provide Added Value to the Travel Industry

turpal is a smart destination service solution that brings extra value to in-destination service providers to passengers by going beyond the boundaries of travel technology. You can make a profit through turpal’s features and capability of dropping costs by automating your operations.

It is an AI-based engine that is set into your existing solution and the passengers. This system has two parts: (1) the administrative side called the DS system, which is for your operations team; and (2) the passenger side on which you can communicate through the turpal app or other social messaging apps such as Telegram or WhatsApp.

Once set in your existing system, turpal will read the data, affording the operations team with the utmost flexibility in planning. A customised panel for each team member will be available. This allows you to easily manage arrivals and departures of fleets, automatically assign drivers and leader tours, and quickly generate schedules of the departure pick-up time.

In addition, turpal serves as a communication platform as passengers get connected to the turpal app, which:

  • manages all tours and activities in your passenger’s itinerary
  • offers your excursions
  • has an Augmented Reality so passengers, upon their arrival, can easily locate the airport reps who are ready to welcome them with their names written on a tablet
  • has an Artificial Intelligence backend feature that can generate data about the passengers’ choices

Connecting to turpal: Is it worth it?

There are various travel technology companies that provide efficient solutions to integrate ground transfer functionality to your booking systems; however, being connected to turpal is rewarding and more advantageous as it has a channel for all Online Travel Agency. You will, then, have access to:

(1) Destination Management Companies whose value primarily rests in their extensive knowledge of the local area, as well as their professional relationships and local resources; and

(2) lots of additional services, which is also favourable to the passengers.

In sum, it is possible to manage all the logistic activities and processes at, or nearby, an airport through a tight and, at the same time, robust turn-around schedule by using technology in a flexible and intelligent way.

turpal can do it for you!

integrated airport transfer
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