One-Stop-Travel App: Introducing turpal

July 03, 2021 - 10:22 am
One-Stop-Travel App: Introducing turpal
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turpal is a new travel app that guarantees to make your trips memorable and hassle-free.

You are a frequent traveller, and you always find ways to make your journey convenient. However, you might have spent enough of your life waiting around in airports to know that it sucks. Or you usually fly on budget airlines with long layovers and terrible connections.

This, and many other terrible scenarios.

But worry no more. A new travel app has been developed to serve as a pal during your travels. Thanks to the advancement of technology!

So if you’ve got a trip coming up, rather than wasting your supposed-to-be memorable journey, start with turpal.

Got a trip coming up? Use the turpal app! Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

turpal: Your One-Stop-Shop

turpal is a travel technology solution that comes with a traveller app aiming to increase your satisfaction at the destination. Having turpal at your fingertips brings the following perks:

Communication platform

Reaching and coordinating with the service providers handling your travel details is guaranteed hassle-free with the turpal app. It has an online chat feature, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that manages your data, and customer feedback enabling. And what’s more, the language barrier is no longer an issue as communication is available in multiple languages.

Travel itinerary manager

The turpal app provides detailed daily itineraries and also records your travel history. It notifies you with real-time flight alerts, live updates on flight and airport transfer, and other reminders. It is like having someone reliable take care of your trip, so you’re free from headaches!

Access to marketplace

Through the turpal app, you will have access to a thriving marketplace of tours and activities. Thus, you have a lot of choices to choose from and may even have your dedicated tour leader!

An AI by your side

Travelling involves a lot of decision-making, especially regarding activities to do or spots to visit at the destination. Sometimes, we experience decision fatigue, or that feeling when we’re overly stressed by the endless amount of decisions we’ve had to make throughout the day. But travel, especially holiday vacations, are supposed to relax us right?

Let the turpal app assist you through its Experiences Recommender System (Artificial Intelligence or AI) which automatically generates recommendations you’ll surely enjoy, based on your past travel behaviour and preferences.

Features of the turpal Travel App

Enjoy the perks of the turpal app as you travel. Photo by Camila Perez on Unsplash.

The following is an overview of the specific features of the turpal app:

  • Receiving app download and login link through SMS, social media app, and email 
  • Flexible login options
  • Multi-language [EN, AR, TR, RU & more soon]
  • Travel itinerary
  • Travel history
  • Hotel Information
  • Greeting assistant service 
    • Locate your airport rep  
  • An app for the family that everybody can use
  • Experiences recommender system (AI)
  • Access to tours and activities in the marketplace
  • Dynamic pick up time, based on flight schedule 
  • Notification and Reminder
    • Flights changes and updates
    • Transfer updates
  • Online customer service
  • Connect & communicate with the driver
  • Tour leader facilities 
    • Request to meet the tour leader
    • Finding the tour leader 
    • Communicate with the tour leader
  • Wallet 
    • Multi-currency 
  • Loyalty point system 
  • Rate and review
  • Travel checklist 
  • Travel budgeting

Your future trips are surely going to become a lot easier with the help of turpal. Download the app now! Go to: https://turp.al/I8GfR

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